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Business Consulting and Resources

Online EAGALA Business Essentials Program:

This online course is specifically designed for EAGALA professionals to support you in establishing a successful, highly professional and sustainable business. This investment will make a tremendous difference saving costly time and money not messaging, valuing or putting important business practices into place.

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To learn more about the course, view a FREE webinar video, Introduction to the EAGALA Business Essentials Program:

  1. Register for the FREE introduction video by clicking here
  2. After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the free recorded webinar.
  3. Join the webinar, watch the session and be sure to answer the quick questions at the end so we can help you more.
  4. Sign up for a full program!

Michelle BlackContact Michelle Black, EAGALA Pacific Regional Director, at for more information or to register your interest to sign up for the next course. 

Note that this course is available only to those who are EAGALA Certified, or who are booked to take the EAGALA training course and will be EAGALA Certified. 

EAGALA Business Consulting:

The EAGALA Business Consulting program provides individualized mentoring and consultation to assist professionals in starting, sustaining, and growing their EAGALA Model businesses.  It is designed to assist in such areas as:

  • Getting started
  • Deciding your vision and mission
  • Writing your strategic plan
  • Writing your business, marketing, and fundraising plans
  • Pricing and getting funded (including grant writing)
  • Putting on effective demonstrations
  • Paperwork and documentation
  • Growing your business to the next level
  • Setting up specific programs to meet the needs of agencies or populations
  • Developing teams - partners, employees and contract workers
  • And meeting other individualized needs to support you in having a successful EAGALA Model business!

Fee for the program is $145 USD per hour, with a 30-minute no charge introductory and assessment session.

Mission and Objectives

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Recommended Business Resources:

Getting started: 

EAGALA Business Development Guide:  For every person starting an EAGALA Model business, this step by step interactive guidebook provides over 100 pages of information and interactive tools.  

Horse Sense Business Sense by Shannon Knapp: This book provides a good overview of the many considerations in getting your business started.  It relates the straightforward and oftentimes humorous story of author Shannon's journey from idealistic start-up of an EAGALA Model business to savvy entrepreneur, with key principles and pointers, as well as pitfalls to avoid.


Grants and Non-Profit Development Group: Whether for-profit or non-profit, make sure you join this EAGALA members only group on the EAGALA Community site providing updates on funding opportunities from foundations and businesses! This is a benefit of EAGALA membership and gives you a free resource that would normally cost you potentially in the thousands of dollars to access on top of the time to research. The group also provides education and information which is helpful no matter what business structure you have. If you need personal assistance in actually submitting for one of these granting opportunities, the EAGALA Business Consulting Program is a resource. 


Equinomics - The Secrets to Making Money with Your Horse Business by Lanier Cordell: provides a step by step guide in marketing your EAGALA business, including important considerations in creating your logo, name, "look", brochures and more.