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List of Eagala Approved Mentors

Eagala Approved Mentors for this mentoring program have obtained their Eagala Advanced Certification and go through an application and training (including ongoing training) process. The list of approved mentors is below - you may request a mentor(s) and the request will be honored if the mentor is available.

Note: mentors and the mentoring program does not qualify as clinical supervision which may be required by licensing boards.

Click on the links below to read bios of the Eagala Model client work approved mentors:

Mentors that can qualify as Both Equine Specialist and Mental Health Professional

Amanda GrahamAmanda Graham, MS, LPC, NCC
Amanda has been a member of Eagala since 2002, completed her Advanced Certification in 2009 and became a Mentor in 2010, presenting at several of Eagala’s national conferences. In 2007, Amanda co-founded the EAP program, Horses for Change, in Gunnison, Colorado, under the umbrella of The Center for Mental Health, a nonprofit, community behavioral health agency. During her mentoring process, she had the chance to work as both the ES and the MHP, an invaluable experience for learning to use the power of the horse in session. On the MH side, Amanda received her MS in Counseling in 2000 and is certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). On the ES side, she has lived with and learned from horses for over 20 years, and has studied natural horsemanship with Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, Karen Scholl, and John Lyons. Amanda has a passion for animal welfare and was appointed by County Commissioners in North Carolina as a certified animal cruelty investigator. She served on the Board of Directors for the NC Horse Council and founded the Equine Welfare Committee for that organization. Amanda has practiced and taught Mindfulness meditation for many years and has developed “Mindful Leadership” and “Mindfulness in the Workplace” programs in her current role as a senior vice president at Alliance Behavioral Healthcare. She incorporates this practice into her Eagala work to increase awareness, acceptance, focus, and clarity. A lifelong learner, Amanda considers it a privilege to work with other Eagala professionals who are engaged in further growth and learning for themselves. She lives on her farm outside of Durham, North Carolina, with her husband and two horses, and supports Eagala as the Continuing Education Director.
"What I have come to learn over the years of working with the Eagala Model and all of its developments and refinements is the power of presence and curiosity and the intentional practice of really getting out of the way of the horses and people so they can do their work together. To me, my learning has been a settling of noise, in my own mind: letting go of my agendas and the chatter that is constant for all of us. The horses are so subtle in their work. And the people we serve respond to that, when we create a container than can hold them safely to explore. As I have worked in more corporate environments without the presence of horses, I have learned that the Eagala model skillsets can be used in many settings outside of the arena, in meetings and groups wherever good partnership and focus and curiosity are allowed to arise. It has become a way of life for me, and I enjoy being in the service of others as they explore their own journeys."

Ann O'BrienAnn O’Brien is a retired Nationally Certified School Counselor (NCSC) and Guidance Department Chair, with over 35 years of experience working in the mental health profession. Certified with a MS from Johns Hopkins in Professional Counseling, Ann specializes in working with students K-12 and their families. As a trained Traumatic Loss Counselor she supports individuals during trauma work using Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) therapeutic model. She is: the co-founder of H.O.P.E. LLC, an equine Assisted Learning program; Eagala Advanced Certified; Eagala Certified Mentor; Natural Lifemanship Fundamentals Certified. Ann has presented at National Conferences on the topics of Trauma work, Equine Assisted Therapy and is the co-author of two Eagala endorsed books: Equi-Fit: Health and Wellness through Horses and EquiPower. Currently, Ann co-facilitates Eagala approved workshops based on Trauma Focused- CBT /TBRI and horses for healing in South Carolina. She continues to partner with horses in order to empower individuals to make connections and develop healthy relationships with self and others.

"In order to know where you are going you have to know where you have been." by George Santayana. I believe that this quote emphasizes the Eagala model by treating trauma with the power of horses. The very first thing we talk about with our clients and their caregivers is what safety looks like on the farm while they introduce themselves to the horses and complete assessment forms. These answers help us to know where they are coming from in order to plan their goals. A major outcome of trauma is fear and the horses help to create a "felt safe" environment -through experiential learning with the horses the kids are having fun. Fear is overruled by Fun! Clients and caregivers learn about the traumatized brain and why making a connection with a horse helps clients move out of their survival brain and into their thinking brain. Building relationships and connecting with horses helps to develop skills to transfer into relationships outside of sessions. Most issues clients wish to address involve some aspect of relationships. I am passionate about this work because clients learn and apply positive coping skills in order to keep themselves safe and develop healthy relationships while interacting with the horses. Relationships are the vehicle for change and healing."

Annie RicaldeAnnie Ricalde, Psychologist (Habla Español)
Annie has a background in mental health as well as the equine specialist side. She is a psychologist in Mexico and is a national competitor and champion in dressage. She founded TAAC, which focuses on doing Eagala EAL with corporations. She has worked with many large and small corporations in Mexico with teams who range from CEO´s to the cleaning service staff at an organization. She also works in partnership with PAE where she does Eagala focused on child trafficking, addictions, sexual abuse, depression, and eating disorders. She has worked with clients who simply want to focus on personal development, to clients with severe issues including suicidal and those suffering psychotic breakdowns. Throughout her experience as a facilitator with this Model at different levels and with different profiles, she has discovered that knowledge is very important, but the ability to use it, when to use it, and how to use it, at the right moment and at the right place is priceless. She feels the main key for facilitating is a constant development of self-knowledge and self awareness.
Carina PrantlCarina Prantl (Carina Prantl spricht fließend Deutsch und Englisch)
Carina is a Mentor for German Language and Advanced Certified. As a MH she is a Live- and Social counselor after Austrian Law (psychologische Beratung) and ES as she has worked with horses for over 35 years, focusing on Natural Horsemanship and training horses. After discovering Eagala, Carina focused on the EAP/EAL work. Since her Eagala Training in 2004 she works as MH and ES with different Teampartners and a variety of clients. Her working field is the social world with families and adolescents on one side and the corporate world with groups and single sessions on the other side. She also offers Supervision for Live- and Socialcounselor Trainees. Carina is used to work with different horses at different Locations because the Groups are spread over the country. 
She whole-heartedly believes in the Eagala Model and the work humans and horses do here. She was Networkkoordinator in Austria for many years and still is active Part of the Austrian Networking since exchange and learning from each other is what she finds important for the personal development in her own professional work. Carina has run her own business since 2004.
Carole HarrisDr. Carole Harris received her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1989, her Master degree in Social Work in 1991, and her Doctorate in Psychology in 2003. She is a licensed Clinical Social Worker. In 2010, Dr. Harris was Eagala certified to provide equine assisted psychotherapy sessions. She is a recognized continuing education provider through the National Association of Social Workers and has her advanced training certificate through Eagala. These two certificates allows Dr. Harris to provide trainings to other mental health professionals. Dr Harris is an approved mentor through Eagala. Dr. Harris has presented at conferences in the United States as well as in Belgium and Australia. Her main focus has been on trauma and how equine assisted psychotherapy changes the brain. In her personal life she sits on the board of the Algalita Marine and Research Foundation as well as doing philanthropic work in Tanzania, Africa by supporting water and education projects to the Maasai communities. She has also published a book on her family’s adventures in Mexico.
"I believe in the Eagala model so much that after over a 25 year history of providing psychological services, I now will only conduct sessions as a co-facilitatior in the pastures with horses, never will I do couch therapy again."

Coral HarrisonCoral Harrison is UKCP registered psychotherapist and supervisor for adults, children and adolescents. Her interest in working in mental health started during her career as a youth worker in a counselling centre in Carlisle, then she went on to train as an addictions counsellor, prior to starting psychotherapy training in 1999.  Coral found that for some young people, talking therapies were ineffective. She discovered Eagala in 2005 and co-founded an organization working with 'at risk' children. These children had experienced significant trauma and abuse. Coral then developed her expertise in trauma, completing a Diploma in Somatic Trauma Therapy with Babette Rothschild in 2006. She qualified as a Certified Transactional Analyst in 2008 which meant she gained accreditation with UKCP. Her journey of learning continued!  She added to this her Advanced Certification with Eagala in 2012. Coral has experience in working with complex mental health problems including personality disorders, attachment disorders and PTSD. Her program, ChangeWays, is based in North Cumbria. The majority of their Eagala model work is with looked after children. They also work with adults, groups and provide supervision to teams.

"I am passionate about the Eagala model and I am committed to the team approach. Developing team relationships take time however they offer rich learning opportunities, for all involved. I have been running an Eagala program since 2005. I enjoy being part of a diverse global network of practitioners. My ethos is the more we can work together and support each other, the more success we will all have. Eagala certification gives me the professional recognition I value to move forward in this sector. I am enthusiastic about the changes Eagala are making in their training and continued education program. I enjoy supporting practitioners to develop their skills & confidence through the mentoring program. It is a rich 'unlearning' and relearning process that goes on for life."

Ellie WilliamsEllie Williams has been highly successful in blending together a life of talented horsemanship and a deep interest in the mental well-being of at-risk children, youth, families and other individuals that can benefit from Eagala. In 2007, Ellie made the decision to leave a very successful career, in order to pursue her goals of providing equine-assisted psychotherapy through her own organization Equiteam Support Services (ESS). As Executive Director and Therapist for this organization, Ellie has diligently worked to attain the necessary qualifications that were needed to build ESS into the very successful organization that it is today. Along the way, Ellie has also specialized in providing treatment to Autistic clients and is currently developing a specialized treatment program for Combat Veterans. Most recently, as a result of her observation of traumatized child clients suffering from severe attachment issues, she identified a need to become specialized in this area. She decided in 2013 to seek out clinical training with Dr. Daniel Hughes. In 2016 Ellie became a certified DDP Practitioner. In addition to this very busy schedule, Ellie is an adjunct professor at York College, teaching a course on Animal Assisted Therapies.

Helen SorensenHelen Sorensen
Helen has long history with horses. She trained as a coach with the British Horse Society as well as a coach educator and assessor with the Pony Club Association, and Riding for Disabled. She was a co-founder of the Palmwoods Riding for the Disabled Association, a charity which ran for nearly 30 years on the family property. In 2002 she became interested in the Eagala model and in 2004 gained certification in Canada and on returning co-founded a charity " Gracefull Strides"which centred around the Eagala model. She gained her counselling qualifications in 2005 and her advanced certification with Eagala in 2012. Helen
runs "Equine Alliance" from her family property in Palmwoods, Qld, Australia where the family also breed Arabs.

"I value the Ethics and standards by which Eagala is run and constant learning and growth that comes from it. It is humbling to watch and experience the changes that clients undergo thanks to the horses. A quote from a 14 year old boy with a history of bullying others is something that sums for me what the horses provide. When asked what happens in the arena his answer was " I don't know, all I know is that when I walk into the arena with the horses I see myself as a completely different person." 

Joy Nussen TimsitJoy Nussen Timsit, LMFT
Joy completed her undergraduate studies in 1984 at the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She completed her post graduate studies in 1988, from California State University at Northridge with a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. Joy has been licensed since 1991 to practice as a Marriage, Family & Child Psychotherapist in the state of California. She worked for many years with adolescents in group home settings, both in Florida and California, and served as a licensed clinical case manager for 12 years in the behavioral health insurance industry. Joy has provided mental health services for individuals of varying ages and cultures struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction to substances.
Joy began her Eagala journey in 2006 and in 2009, created EquineWorks: Horses Reading People. In 2012, inspired by the positive feedback she was receiving from clients about this work, Joy co-authored: “Soul Recovery: Equine Assisted Activities for Healing from Abuse by Others, Loss of Others & Loss of Self.” She earned her Eagala Advanced Certification in 2014, became an Eagala Mentor two years later and now offers a variety of services for other equine assisted therapy professionals (see services tab for details).
Joy maintains an office-based practice in Laguna Hills, CA
Lori LarsonLori Larson, LMFT
Lori earned her Master’s degree in counseling psychology in 1996 from National University. She was licensed as a marriage and family therapist in California in 1999. She has been in the mental health field for 20 years. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree in psychology from California State University, Sacramento, she worked in a residential treatment center and in two community counseling centers; one for the severely mentally ill, teaching life skills, and the other for substance abuse recovery. She quickly learned that she wanted to do more in the realm of psychotherapy. After obtaining her Master’s degree, she worked in sexual abuse treatment with families, and ran groups for substance abuse. For 8 years, she was the program director for a private non-profit agency whose focus was child abuse prevention and early intervention. She worked with individuals, families, and groups, as well as supervised interns. In this position, she had the opportunity to start up an EAP program. She incorporated it in to her private practice with families, teens and individuals, finding it to be incredibly beneficial in moving clients closer to their treatment goals. She has also worked in residential treatment part time over the past 10 years, using EAP with the boys to help them to problem solve, deal with anger, work better together, and enhance their communication. Lori currently works part time in private practice, with multiple issues, including anxiety, anger management, depression, self-esteem and couples issues. She is Advanced certified has been a trainer for Eagala’s certification program for the past 10 years. On the Equine Specialist side, Lori has been around horses her entire life. She got her first horse at the age of three, and has ridden ever since. She grew up on a farm where experiential learning was expected. (i.e “If you fall off, get back on.”) Lori also was involved in 4-H, showing, and gymkana through high school. She presently owns two horses and trail rides for pleasure. 
"I continue to be inspired by the value of doing Eagala sessions!
I love the experiential approach, and am honored to be a part of the journey, as clients find their own best solutions!
I am humbled by the magic of horses and their power to heal the human heart."
Lynn DorganLynn Dorgan, LMFT
As a student of consciousness and its evolution for the past twenty years (Masters in Counseling Psychology with emphasis in Spiritual Psychology), nothing has thrilled Lynn more than the powerful healing potential in the relationship between Horse and Human. As her Marriage and Family Therapy practice moves more and more into the arena, Lynn is constantly inspired challenged, and motivated to explore the extraordinary awareness, growth, and healing that comes forth both for clients, and for herself.  Lynn feels blessed to be contracted with Reins of H.O.P.E. and their H.O.P.E. for Warriors program. In these programs, work is done with youth at risk, substance abuse residential programs, and active duty military personel and their families as well as veterans. Lynn also works at the California Coastal Horse Rescue where she built an arena and an Eagala office.   Having been to multiple Eagala trainings, conferences, workshops, and networking meetings, Lynn has found the mentoring process to be among the most rewarding. The opportunity to hone in on the SPUD'S, particularly the 'Ss, she feels has benefited her  both in the arena and in her heart and soul. She wishes the same for anyone pursuing this amazing work that we do.
Lynn MooreLynn Moore, MA, LADC
Lynn co-founded Acres for Life in 2001 with a passion for helping others experience the healing connection between people and animals. Now in 2010, Acres has grown to an equine herd of twelve, ten facilitators, and programming that runs year-round. In addition, Lynn provides consulting services to many EAP/EAL practitioners wanting to move their businesses to the next level.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin and a Masters from Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies. Lynn has completed her Eagala Advanced certification. She also has over twenty years of business marketing, consulting, online training and client relationship management experience. 
Niki MarkogianiNiki Markogianni, MD
*Neurologist-psychiatrist,specialized in family therapy and therapy of psychosomatic diseases
*International dressage stewart , national horse driving stewart l2,,national judge dressage b4 , driving b3 , show jumping b2
*Eagala advanced level
*Animal communication 1 level
*Founder of Hippolysis (solution for horses who cant work because of health problems , rehabilitation of horses and equine assisted learning and psychotherapy)
*Practising equine therapy for 9 years

"Since 1981 I have practiced psychiatry and psychotherapy; all that time in continuing education in different therapeutic approaches. Starting equine therapy was mind blowing ........horses and donkeys are great therapists by nature and when offered an environment of safety and respect they develop their skills to an extent that is hard to believe!
I am blessed for having such great masters to lead me in personal growth that I might help my clients overcome their difficulties
For the last 9 years psychologists and equine people have studied the Eagala model in Hippolysis and all of them (now ready for their official training) have gone through all the stages from "unbelievable" to "magic"

Patti Schlough
Patti Schlough, LCPC (MD), LPC (PA) NCC, Eagala Advanced certified

Education: BA degree: Psychology, Loyola University, 1986

M.Ed.: School Counseling K-12, Loyola University 1992

Post-Graduate Certificate: Spiritual and Existential Counseling and Therapy,

Johns Hopkins University, 2004

Eagala certified 2004

Eagala Advanced Certification 2010

Mindful Schools certification intensive 2017

"In life, people experience stressors, trauma, grief, loss, anxiety or depression that may cause them to feel like things are careening out of control. My desire is to help bring calm awareness and compassion to people seeking healing. I help clients, who include teens, adults and families find their strength, develop their resources and build their coping skills to live safe, satisfying and healthy lives.
There is no “one way” for all people to find what helps or heals. I use various modalities including Cognitive Behavioral, existential, solution oriented, mindfulness and experiential modalities including Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning to help client’s access their path to healing.
My Eagala work includes working with both small and large groups, individuals, couples and families. I have worked with school groups as well as therapeutic treatment groups. A great deal of our work is providing Equine Assisted psychotherapy to those encountering grief and loss as well as trauma."

Pia JansenPia Jansen is a registered psychotherapist in Colorado and has been practicing the Eagala model for the past 6 years with her own Healing Herd of 7 equines. Pia came to the US from The Netherlands where she had her home base for experiential modalities  such as Wilderness Therapy, Alternative Highschool initiatives, solutions for incarcetated youth and peace circles for families in crisis. She is an internationally recognized educator and author on the issues of domestic violence and the correllation with animal cruelty. While in the US she co started Family Group Conferencing as a model to engage families in crisis in finding natural resources to end their cycles of violence, addiction and poverty.  Pia has been involved with horses ever since she was a little girl in Holland and continues to be in awe every day of the power horses possess to heal the human spirit.  She speaks fluent Dutch, German, and French. Besides the work with Families, couples and individuals in the Eagala model, she loves to take her horses out for trail rides in the Rocky Mountains together with her husband Philip.

Rhiannon BeauregardRhiannon C. Beauregard, MA, LMFT-S, CST, S-PSB is a dually qualified Eagala Advanced Certified Mental Health Professional and Equine Specialist and an Eagala Mentor. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, and a Specialist in Problematic Sexual Behavior, and holds licenses in five states: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Texas. She resides in Austin, TX and owns and operates SexTherapy-Online, PLLC, a sex therapy private practice that offers both online and in-person sex therapy services, supervision, education, training, and publications. In addition to a variety of post-modern therapy models, she utilizes animal assisted therapy using small animals and ecotherapy in her private practice.

Rhiannon's Eagala journey began in 2005 and has evolved in a variety of ways. She provides consultation, mentoring, training, and education in the Eagala model as well as provides contracted services to children, families, individuals, couples and groups in retreat and intensive settings and for a local equine assisted services center. She is also an avid rider and holds two World Championship Titles with her horse, who she has owned for 23 years.

"Eagala has been a long-term professional home for me. I initially began as an Equine Specialist while I was in my graduate program in New York at Pal-O-Mine Equestrian, Inc. and was an early program coordinator, educator, and therapist and helped build that Eagala and EAP/EAL program from the ground up. I have experience in fee-for-service and not-for-profit Eagala services and programs and have extensive experience in working with a variety of professionals, programs, and populations.

Once I graduated with my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2007, I began working almost full-time as an EAL/EAP professional and obtained my Eagala Advanced Certification in 2010. My primary role in Eagala for the past several years has been writing articles, presenting at the conference, training, educating, and mentoring Eagala professionals, and providing services in a variety of settings. Eagala is like an old friend to me professionally and I incorporate Eagala principles in all aspects of my work.

In 2012, I was hired as the Animal and Agricultural Science Program Coordinator for the University of New Hampshire, developing and implementing animal and agricultural science youth development programs. This position further developed my experience with youth development programs and and a variety of models of equine assisted learning.

My mentoring style is collaborative and directive. I believe we are both professionals that have unique and valuable skill sets. I do not approach our mentorship from a hierarchical perspective but rather from a colleague-to-colleague approach. I would be happy to help you achieve your Eagala goals and guide and mentor you in perfecting your craft."

Shannette KeelerShannette Keeler, LCSW
Shannette grew up in Utah and has always loved horses and the outdoors. She received her MSW in 1982 and has been in private practice since 1987. She has been a member of Eagala for 10 years and is Advanced Certified. She currently works with Residential Treatment Centers providing EAP and also has a small EAP private practic working with a wide variety of clients. She has been married to her husband, Paul, for 30 years. They have two children. Shannette currently practices out of her facility in Plain City, Utah.
Tracie HolroydTracie Holroyd
Tracie qualified as a counselor in 2002, establishing her own counseling & training services' with her business partner Sarah. She specializes in working with challenging emotional & behavioral disorders in children and young people, working within residential establishments, pupil referral units and main stream schools for local education authorities and the private sector. Tracie’s journey with Eagala started in August 2004, through merging her life time passion and experience with horses and her counseling profession. She achieved her Advanced Certificate in 2010. In 2004, Tracie established and facilitated a successful EAP / EAL program within a residential unit for 11 - 17 year old EBD boys. She works with individuals, groups and families addressing various issues with the aid of her trusted steeds! Tracie also delivers EAL to private, corporate, educational and NHS organizations. She achieved her advanced certification in 2010. In 2006 she co-founded a non for profit organization offering a free of charge counseling and EAP service, receiving referrals from NHS, CAMHS, Social Services, Home Start, Sure Start, G.P's, Police, Parent Support Workers and self-referrals. She offers counseling placements for students and is either the students’ line manager or supervisor. Tracie is an advocate of the Eagala model and the huge benefits it can bring to the participants'. Now her other passion is to assist others in this formidable journey and help them achieve their goal. Tracie has presented at several of the European conferences and is a trainer for the Eagala certification trainings.

Equine Specialist (ES) Mentors

Annie TidmarshAnnie Tidmarsh
Annie trained and worked as a psychiatric nurse and also completed Counselling skills Course. Her main interests have always been the outdoors and horses and she worked in Outdoor Centres as ‘Matron’ in charge of health aspects of attendees and also part-time instructor in rock-climbing and sailing. Her horse experience goes back to childhood. She has worked with a variety of breeds of ponies and horses in Endurance, Eventing, Hunting and in Carriage Driving Trials and showing, both as a groom and navigator at trials in UK and France. She has enjoyed the experience of both successfully training, producing and competing with her own horses in driving trials, long distance riding and long distance driving (silver award winner). The aim was always to finish with a fit to continue, happy horse. Focusing on that was what brought success rather than a competitive spirit. She has a British Driving Society Certificate in carriage driving and stable management. She is also a qualified complementary equine and human therapist and trained in saddlery. She was certified with Eagala in 2002 and has worked with child and adult clients, individuals, couples, families, youth and professional groups while in private practice with her husband David in Winds of Change. She and David hosted the first training in Europe in 2003, and since then, they have been instrumental in the growth and development of Eagala and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning in Europe and beyond. 
Fernando CorderoFernando Cordero (Habla Español)
Fernando Cordero studied Biology and after High Level Business Management in Mexico. He worked 20 years with transnational corporations and currently he has a partnership, TAAC, which conducts Eagala EAL and EAP sessions, and he works with PAE where he uses Eagala to work with child trafficking, addictions, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Fernando also runs his own horse transportation business. He has a strong commitment to work as an Equine Specialist and share his knowledge and experience with horses to help other people. Fernando also works as an Eagala trainer in the certification training program.

Helen ShawHelen Shaw
*Australian Institute of Family Counselling, Graduate Diploma
*Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (Eagala): *Advanced practitioner and mentor.
*Association of Horsemanship, Safety & Education, levels 1 & 2
*Olds Agricultural College, Alberta, Canada: Farrier Science Certificate
*Crabbet Equitation Centre, Sussex, UK: BHS Assistant Instructors *Certificate, British Horse Society (BHS) Certificate of Horsemanship
*Worked with Hunters , show jumpers, race horses and teaching general horse riding .

"The more I do this work the more amazed I am at how my horses respond to different folk interacting with them. One of the important things for me is to know the horses I am working with. What may not be unique horse behaviour may well be behaviour unique to a particular horse. I have also learnt to be aware of other causes of the horses' behaviour other than what the client brings: a changed routine; a sick or injured horse not feeling 100%; something that has disrupted the herd dynamic; movement external to the session; or perhaps a change in the facilitators, possibly not being present (a term that has taken me some time to understand). No matter what it is that causes a horse to respond the way it does, the client's interpretation never ceases to amaze me."

Holly OhlsonHolly Ohlson
Holly Ohlson has been a professional in the horse business for over 45 years coaching riders, competing and training horses internationally. She immigrated to Australia from Southern California in 1988 where she continued to train horses and coach riders.
Holly attended her first Eagala Model training in 2008, became an Eagala certified Equine Specialist and started the Eagala Model business Horse Sense For Humans.
Since then Holly has worked in Queensland with a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist providing Eagala Model EAP and EAL programs for a variety of client populations including residential addiction recovery. She recently re-located to the NSW South Coast and is working with three mental health professionals providing Eagala Model programs.
Holly has served as convener for the Eagala Pacific Horse Safety and Well-being Focus Group since 2011. The focus group has produced two Eagala Conference Presentations on Horse Welfare and Safety and Risk Management.
Holly became Eagala advanced certified in 2014, became a mentor in 2016 and has been a member of the Ethics Committee since 2014.

"When I attended my first Eagala training I knew that this was the work I wanted to pursue and that Eagala was the right model for me.
During my professional career in the horse business, it has always been important for me to uphold the highest professional standards and I was drawn to the Eagala Model because of their professional standards.
Since beginning this work, I have seen amazing results for clients and have witnessed horses doing things I would never have imagined possible in the 45 years I have been working with them. It is important to me to acknowledge how much we owe our equine team members and how important it is to treat them ethically, always being aware of their well-being.
It is truly a privilege to work as an Eagala Model Equine Specialist and to continue my own personal growth and learning through the mentoring process."

Jimmy DownesJimmy Downes
Jimmy is the founder of Relatively Stable, LLC providing Eagala model EAP & EAL on his farm in Sandy Hook, CT.  He retired from Verizon Corporation after 31 years and was the director of the CWA Local 1101 Union Assistance Program for over 25 years.   Jimmy currently works for Liberty Behavioral Management which owns and manages Arms Acres , Conifer Park Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities and the Holliswood Psychiatric hospital in New York City.  He has owned horses for the last 27 years and was a part time wrangler at Malibu Dude Ranch.  He provided horse care and was a trail guide at Green Chimneys in Brewster, NY and was a barn manager at Trails End Riding Center in Putnam Valley, NY.  Jim has been an Eagala equine specialist at Pal-O-Mine Equestrian working with sexually abused children.  Last year he introduced the Eagala model to the Military Wellness Program at Holliswood Pyschiatric Hospital as well as for the substance abuse clients at Arms Acres Treatment Facility. He is advanced certified and an Eagala trainer. 
Katie StankiewskiKatherine Stankiewicz
Katie is the owner of Mind, Body & Sole Equine Care, which offers horse and human wellness. Katie was introduced to Eagala in 2009, with an eye-opening experience that ignited a fire! She saw the Eagala Model as a unique, highly beneficial approach to overcoming obstacles and moving forward, which is exactly what she did. Katie quickly became certified and completed her Advanced certification in 2016. She feels blessed to work with 3 different therapists on a weekly basis with a variety of clients. She is a certified leadership coach, who works with individuals and corporation at her farm, and is also the Eagala networking coordinator for Western NC. Katie continues to attend networking meetings and as many trainings as possible. Her hope for each session is for all to feel an open relationship, where everyone works together, allowing for instruction and guidance. Of great importance to Katie is a learning environment that truly shares the experiences afforded by their work. Her desire is to assist you in exploring and expanding your journey. The rewards of Eagala are many and fostering your understanding and growth as well as the integrity of the Eagala community is her goal as a mentor.
Mark LytleMark Lytle
Mark earned his AAS in Equine Science at Martin Community College in 1991. He began a career training Arabian horses on the national circuit. He has been working as a horse professional for 20 years. He began working with at-risk youth in a residential setting as an educational counselor for sexually reactive and abusive youth. He oversaw the education and day treatment programs that included experiential ropes course therapy and developed the Eagala model program for Hand Up Homes for Youth, Inc. He is on the Board of Directors for the local saddle club association, a 4-H Horse and Pony Club leader and member of the NC Horse Council. In 2005, he opened his own Eagala outpatient company; along with his wife Becky called Head, Heart, Hands, and Horses. 
Mary Ann BrewerMaryAnn Brewer
International horsemanship coach and clinician teaching Relationship-Based Horsemanship at MaryAnnBrewer.Com (2017-present)
Author (2015)
Eagala corporate training (2015)
Eagala mentor (2012)
Co-Founder of In the Company of Horses inc. (2006 - Current)
Equine Assisted Therapy of NJ (501 (c) 3) Board member (2016-present)
Equine Assisted Therapy of NJ (501 (c) 3) Executive director (2010-2016)
Eagala certified (2006)
Foundation Horsemanship Training at University (2005).
Certified Natural Health Professional (2000)

"Horses in collaboration with Mental Health professionals can create change in people quickly. I have the great distinction of helping the horses do their jobs well by being sure they have other things to do that stimulate their problem-solving ability and create outlets for their curiosity and fitness. My goal is to have EAP/EAL sessions be the easiest thing they do. I find, through cross-training, the horses like all the work they do."

In addition to being the ES, I am the horse owner, I am also the business owner and the person who finds clients, contracts, advertises and takes phone calls.

Mickey DiGiacomoMickey DiGiacomo
Eagala Advanced certified, Mickey has spent her lifetime in the equine industry and on the thoroughbred racetrack circuit, serving ten years as a jockey. Retiring from the track, she created a riding program for Sierra Boys Ranch, a residential treatment facility for emotionally disturbed boys. She received Eagala certification in September 2000, transforming their equine component into the Eagala Model. After contracting as an Eagala trainer since 2004, Mickey was the Program Director for Eagala for ten years and currently serves as the USA/Canada Regional Director. Mickey has 17 years of experience providing Eagala model sessions with residential at-risk youth, family work including reunification, trauma, PTSD, grief, addictions, foster/adoption children/families, homeless women and military groups.
Pam StoddardPam Stoddard
After a life-altering experience in 2001, which culminated in the desire to guide others in personal growth alongside horses, I began studying with Eagala, investing in equine psychology and training as I'd never done before. Advanced certification with Eagala 2010. Horses a presence in my life since I was old enough to pick up a crayon. A pound pony came into my life in 1975, and I've had the luxury of being around horses ever since. There was a financially necessary 10 year dry spell from age 17-27. Blessed to currently reside with 5 horses who have been my greatest teachers so far of horses and presence.

"In continuing to practice the Eagala model, I've gained a much greater awareness of how and when I show up. Selfish, I know! A continual investment in my own experiential learning, and that of others, has been absolutely life altering. I'm on a mission to continually develop C.O.P.I.E.S..- curiosity, optimism, perseverance, integrity, empathy, and self-awareness! I hope to own these character traits to such a great degree I can influence others to increase C.O.P.I.E.S. in their own lives and in the life of others."

Randy MandrellRandy Mandrell, Eagala-advanced, is co-founder and Director of Equine Services with Refuge Services, Inc. He is the first horse professional to offer Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) services on an outpatient basis in partnership with professional counselors in the state of Texas. With over 40 years of experience with horses and 25 years experience as a professional horse trainer and farrier, Randy has many life lessons that aid in a keep awareness to non-verbal subtleties in sessions. Randy’s knowledge about horse behavior, safety, and psychology is outstanding. Randy was recognized by Eagala as “Outstanding Horse Professional” in 2001 for his superior work with clients and collaboration with other therapists in his community. He is Advanced certified by Eagala as well as a PATH certified therapeutic riding instructor. He previously served as director of equine services for a residential treatment center for girls with Eating Disorders using EAP as one of the primary therapeutic intervention tools. As Director of Equine Services at Refuge Services, he supervises all equine specialists & instructors as well as a herd of 20 therapy horses, who serve approximately 160 clients per week, providing hippotherapy, therapeutic riding, and Eagala-model EAP. In addition to services to regional clients, I offer continuing education opportunities at our facility to aid in growth and development in the model through workshops and internships.

"Being one of the first Eagala providers in Texas has provided numerous opportunities to share about the model and experience sessions with people who were skeptical about EAP and often therapy in general. Also, managing a facility that incorporates Eagala model and PATH services can be complex. This creates opportunities to discuss boundaries, ethics, and collaboration. I work alongside my wife, who is a therapist; and we have collaborated in this work for over 19 years. We have new awareness's daily that continue to sharpen skills and aid in getting to know our horses, clients, and selves better. I enjoy sharing these experiences with others. We are a Christian non-profit and provide services from a faith-based model."

See the attached video to hear just a few of the miracles we experience daily at our facility doing this work.

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Ray AnschelRay Ansche
Ray has spent more than 40 years of his professional life as a teacher of writing and literature and has served in numerous leadership roles both inside and outside higher education. He holds a Master’s Degree in English and is the recipient of the University of Minnesota and Normandale College’s Teacher of the Year Award as well as the University of Texas’s National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development Award for Excellence (NISOD). Ray has been an ES at Acres for Life in Chisago City, MN since 2010 and earned his Advanced Eagala Certification in 2014. He served as Minnesota’s Network Coordinator for 7 years and is now the Coordinator for Military Services at Acres for Life. He has also presented at numerous Eagala Conferences both in arena and classroom presentations.

"I am passionate about this work and its power to change the lives of both client and facilitator. I marvel at the countless "miracles" that show themselves in the pasture each day. I am a life-long learner, love working with horses and people, and am committed to growing personally and professionally and helping others do the same. To that end, I look forward to creating a learning environment in which curiosity, exploration, and expansion are central in the mentoring journey, a journey of self-knowledge and self-awareness."

Sharon BoyceSharon Boyce
Sharon is passionate about people and horses. Her belief is that if people can be assisted to find meaning and purpose in life, they will live life optimally and move closer towards becoming the best they can be.
Many years after walking away from Clinical Psychology, Sharon returned to complete a master’s degree as a Counselling Psychologist and is currently licensed as an intern psychologist whilst she completes the final academic requirements. As an international diplomate of Logotherapy, she is a pioneer in combining Logotherapy with Eagala Model equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development.
As a child, Sharon fell in love with horses and her equestrian journey has traversed the roads of competitive eventing and combined carriage driving, sport horse breeding, para equestrian and Special Olympics, equestrian administration as well as therapeutic riding and Eagala Model work. She founded the Shumbashaba Community Trust that provides a safe space to children, families and caregivers from disadvantaged communities. In this space they find hope and self-worth through the context of the horse; the environment, sport, recreation and the Eagala Model.
Sharon is Eagala advanced certified and can perform the role of the horse specialist or mental health professional. Within the Eagala community, Sharon is a mentor and a member of the training team. She is a published author in the field of equine-assisted psychotherapy and is committed to ongoing research and learning in this field.
She passionately advocates that the Eagala Model uniquely positions horses in mental health and well-being to provide meaningful prevention and interventions that facilitates improvement in the lives of all people.
Her life motto is: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because, what the world needs is people who have come alive.” (Howard Thurman)

Mental Health (MH) Mentors

Beth AvolioBeth Avolio, Ph.D.
After obtaining a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from The University of Akron I worked for many years in both agency and private practice settings with a focus on family dynamics and at-risk youth. In addition to Eagala Advanced Certification and training to become a mentor in the Eagala model I have been previously certified through PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) and CBEIP (Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals). Since moving from the office to the arena I have facilitated groups for at-risk youth in residential treatment and in-patient substance abuse programs as well as equine assisted learning programs for schools. I have co-facilitated numerous corporate training's and workshops in leadership development and team building and conducted training's in attending to nonverbal cues for medical personnel. I currently have a private practice which encompasses a wide variety of presenting problems and work with a nonprofit organization providing EAP to delinquent adolescents. Licensed psychologist in the States of Washington, Nebraska and New York.

"Since discovering the Eagala model in 2003 I have completely moved out of the office and into the arena. Being able to utilize an experiential approach with equine co-facilitators has expanded the depth and breadth of my practice exponentially. I have been privileged to observe the efficacy of EAP and EAL to enhance personal insight and promote behavioral change.
The Eagala concepts of acknowledging that the client must lead the therapeutic process and of maintaining an open and curious mind hold particular resonance for me. The opportunity for clients to identify patterns and examine those that serve them as well as practice how to change those that don't in real time, rather than talking about them in an office setting, can bring profound and lasting change."

Deb FarberDebra G. Farber, LPC, NCC
Debra is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well as a National Certified Counselor. She has a Master’s in Counseling from Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ and Master’s in Communication and Information Studies from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. Debra is Eagala Advance Certified. She provides EAP services to individuals and groups addressing issues of: addiction; grief; depression; anxiety; post-traumatic stress; adjustment and other mental health issues. EAL services have been provided in the areas of team building; organizational restructuring; and staff development. Beginning in 2016, Debra began participating in a research project with Columbia University in which she provides equine assisted psychotherapy to veterans with post traumatic stress disorder.

Patti MandrellPatti Mandrell, M.Ed, LPC is cofounder and Executive Director of Refuge Services in Lubbock, Texas. Prior, Patti served as Program Director for a residential treatment center for girls with eating disorders in south Texas. Patti was the first professional counselor to be nationally certified in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) in the state of Texas, and she and her husband, Randy, were among the first group to reach highest training status within EAP in the country. She has been incorporating EAP for over 19 years and a therapist for over 20 years. Growing up with horses, she has over 40 years experience with horses and is qualified as an Equine Specialist as well. She is a certified trainer for the International Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. Patti received her master’s degree in counseling and a bachelor's degree in Human Development/Family Studies at Texas Tech University. She has been spotlighted and interviewed in numerous state, national, and international publications and broadcastings promoting the use of EAP when working with various client populations. She is the author of the internationally known textbook “Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy,” which is currently used in several colleges and universities around the world.

"Being one of the first Eagala providers in Texas has provided numerous opportunities to share about the model and experience sessions with people who were skeptical about EAP and, often, therapy in general. I wear many hats as an educator, practitioner, and administrator. Managing a facility that incorporates Eagala model and PATH services can be complex. This creates opportunities to discuss boundaries, ethics, and collaboration. I work alongside my husband, who is a horse trainer; and we have collaborated in this work for over 19 years...working as a husband/wife team allows us unique opportunities to keep our 'S in check. We have new awareness's daily that continue to sharpen skills and aid in getting to know our horses, clients, and selves better. I enjoy sharing these experiences with others. We are a Christian non-profit and provide services from a faith-based model."

See the attached video to hear just a few of the miracles we experience daily at our facility doing this work.

Hold control (CTRL) and click on link to watch Refuge Services testimonial video:

Ulla Frederiksen, M.A., LLP is a Master’s level Psychologist (since 1993) and founded her own private practice, The Sundance Center, in 2001. Adolescent and adult clients have a choice between traditional talk therapy or equine assisted therapy. She specializes in supporting Highly Sensitive People. Her master's was in Humanistic, Gestalt, Jungian and client-centered approaches, which are all a natural fit for the Eagala model. Ulla was Eagala certified in 2001, and obtained Advanced certification in 2009. She currently serves as both a mentor and trainer. Ulla lives and works on a farm in South West Michigan with her husband, six horses, two goats, two shepherds, pigs and chickens. Her farm has also been home to many volunteers, WWOOFers, and Eagala interns over the years.

"Having added Eagala model work to my private practice has kept me growing, learning and deeply engaged for almost 18 years. Being able to work outside and being with horses has helped prevent burnout and kept my 25 year long career as a therapist rich and meaningful. I continue to be in awe and amazed at how the horses show up and how much they have to teach us. It's a rich and valued part of my career and the Eagala community keeps me inspired and supported. I am thankful to be able to offer this model."