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Equine Specialists

Equine Specialist Standards

To be an Equine Specialist in Eagala sessions, the following minimum standards need to be met:

  1. Experience: Professional must have 6,000 hours (equals to approx. 3 years full-time work) experience hands-on work with horses.
  2. Education: Professional must have completed at least 100 hours of continuing education in the horse profession. Some of this education needs to include topics covering ground work experience, horse psychology knowledge, and ability to read horse body language/nonverbal communication.
  3. Continuing Professional Development: 40 hours of the continuing education listed in #2 must have been completed in the last 2 years

Horse Welfare: Eagala has formally endorsed the American Horse Council's Welfare Code of Practiceand supports international welfare codes that have been established worldwide by individual countries and international equine associations. Eagala programs and equine specialists are required to adhere to local and global horse welfare codes.

Resources for Equine Specialists

For those who are working towards meeting the minimum standards to be an Equine Specialist, or those who are currently Equine Specialists looking for additional resources for their continuing professional development, Eagala has partnered with the following: 

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Webinars (note: these webinars do not qualify as continuing education for Eagala Certification renewal unless submitted through the Eagala Independent Study Program).